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About K12 Learning

This platform is aimed to create holistic educational environment. Its content will cater to different languages and boards in the country. With AI assistance & other features, School can use it for Smart Classes and Students for personal learning.


Content Scope

There are more than 5000 worksheets for the classes from Play to Kindergarten covering English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Writing, Coloring and IQ. Learning Content for class I to X is under development & will be released soon.


All-Round Brain Development

This platform is designed to boost the curriculum hold, memory sharpness, focus, strategy building, response time, pattern recognition & imaginative thinking of students.


Worksheet Homework

Teachers can create homework for individual or group of students using worksheets. They can also track its progress. This helps teachers to give individual attention on students effortlessly.


Parents Ease

This platform has made it very easy for parents to participate with kids in their learning. They can also monitor their progress, scores, etc.

Why us ?

DigitalFruit is a flexible, robust, user-interactive, easy-to-access and diversified School ERP software, which can be used through every generation device. It is a smart system with every feature and function to effortlessly meet the daily needs of school.

Additional Features


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Module wise graphical view (Refer main doc analytics tool)

Online fee payment

1. Digital payment popularity
2. Hassle free
3. No cash
4. No counter
5. No manual transaction
6. All payment mode available

Multi Branch management

1. Refer franchisee doc
2. Multi branch analytics


1. 24x7 on call support
2. Chat support
3. Remote assistance through team viewer
4. On Campus support if required
5. Parent’s counselling
6. Digital Index monitoring

Proactive Implementation Plan

1. System Configuration
2. Data entry
3. Mock Training
4. Migration
5. Monitoring
6. Customization if required
7. Report generation
8. Final Handover

Website Integration

1. Notice
2. Birthday
3. Calendar
4. Enquiry management
5. Online admission process

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