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A Smart ERP that saves the efforts, time & money of the School and makes the parents & teachers feel privileged.



We got it all covered- The DigitalFruit Ecosystem engulfs all the necessary functionality to make sure all the operations such as Academics, Finance, Examination, Admission, and Administration are fully digitalized and paperless. These diversified modules and functionality will make sure all operations are performed under the same application and the administration can have a 3600 view of the entire organization from a single platform. The individual departments will have access to all the modules that are necessary to complete their responsibilities. Such a strong and diversified School Management Software (ERP) is a very big asset to ensure well organized and well-coordinated administration of an Organisation.


Ease to all

Since the day of Inception of DigitalFruit, one of the major targets of the Research and development team was to make it so user friendly and easy to use, that a basic computer or smartphone user can easily perform important day to day tasks in the DigitalFruit Ecosystem. Such a School management software will make sure there are no bottlenecks in the implementation process and the transition from a traditional system to a digital infrastructure will be very smooth. This motivation of our company has led to the creation of an ERP system that has set several benchmarks in automation and flamboyant User Interface which is very easy to understand and use. Being a cloud-based ERP system, Digitalfruit ensures its users that no matter wherever you are and whenever you need, you can very easily access all the information about your organization or perform any tasks for your organization on any available Smart Devices.


Strong communication tool

For any ERP system to be successful, it’s very important to make sure all the applicable stakeholders are correctly and efficiently notified whenever a task to execute in the system. Let's take an example of the Fee Management system. Let’s say a parent chooses to pay their monthly fees from the DigitalFruit App. So when the parent opens the app, it's important that the current outstanding fee amount should be easily accessible, which is very prominently highlighted in the ERP dashboard itself and there is a PAY NOW button with it. When this button is clicked the parent is redirected to the payment page and it hardly takes a few seconds to complete the transaction. Now, as soon as this process is executed, the Backend process of DigitalFruit starts making sure all the relevant information is shared with all the stakeholders, viz. The parent will receive an SMS to confirm the transaction, an App notification confirmation as well as an email with a detailed printable fee receipt. This one of so many examples of excellent communication systems with which DigitalFruit makes sure that all the important information will be shared effectively and efficiently to all the applicable persons.


Parent Portal

In the last decade or so Most of the people have started finding all kinds of solutions in their smartphones like paying bills, booking tickets, watching videos, etc. These practices have gained much popularity and people are almost dependent on their smartphones. So providing an app for the parents has now become an essential component of the school’s branding. DigitalFruit mobile app not only completes the basic requirements but impresses the parents with its great bouquet of benefits. An important aspect of being an ideal ERP School management is to facilitate parents with all the relevant information and statistics about their wards performance in the school. Our system provides this information in a very easy to use UI and helps complete all the tasks in 2-3 clicks


Access Management

For an administration to perform effectively, it is important that every member of the administration is able to perform his/her responsibility properly without having access to information for which he/she doesn't have proper clearance. To maintain this decorum inflow of data, DigitalFruit has implemented a fully customizable Access management system. This helps the admin to choose specialized modules for each role.



To run an organization at a higher level is not a child’s play. There are many activities which the administration needs to perform on a day-to-day basis. When these activities are performed by the Administration manually it overburdens the Administration. Digital Fruit has been introduced to solve this problem of overburden. Digital Fruit is capable to perform most of the activities automatically



For a Organization owner to make effective decisions and to implement positive growth in the organization, it’s very important to have a
1. Easily Downloadable
2. Smart Table
3. Exam Reports
4. Fees reports
5. Student admin reports
6. Customize reports


Customizable modules

1. We provide customization in various modules like custom Fee receipts, Exam report cards, Tax certificate, transfer certificate,
2. Set up, fine system, online registration form, student admission form
3. Configurable to meet your exact requirements.

Why us ?

DigitalFruit is a flexible, robust, user-interactive, easy-to-access and diversified School ERP software, which can be used through every generation device. It is a smart system with every feature and function to effortlessly meet the daily needs of school.

Additional ERP Features


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Module wise graphical view (Refer main doc analytics tool)

Online fee payment

1. Digital payment popularity
2. Hassle free
3. No cash
4. No counter
5. No manual transaction
6. All payment mode available

Multi Branch management

1. Refer franchisee doc
2. Multi branch analytics


1. 24x7 on call support
2. Chat support
3. Remote assistance through team viewer
4. On Campus support if required
5. Parent’s counselling
6. Digital Index monitoring

Proactive Implementation Plan

1. System Configuration
2. Data entry
3. Mock Training
4. Migration
5. Monitoring
6. Customization if required
7. Report generation
8. Final Handover

Website Integration

1. Notice
2. Birthday
3. Calendar
4. Enquiry management
5. Online admission process

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