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With an in-built School Messaging System in the software, schools can easily communicate with applicable users through SMS, Emails, In-App Messages and Push Notifications. The system enables instant communication and data accessibility across web-powered, Android and iOS devices with the most user-friendly interface.




Push Notification


With more than 50 SMS settings, default templates, easy to use dashboard and numerous other benefits, DigitalFruit’s School Messaging Software is undoubtedly one of the best communication software made for schools in the recent years.

  1. Schools can inform parents about attendance, results, homework or any other special announcement with just a click.
  2. Schools can send messages to the entire branch, class, section, group or any individual student in secondsssss.
  3. Default templates for regular conversations like attendance, fees, birthdays are available to reduce the time and effort of the administrator.
  4. More than 50 SMS settings are available to customize and send the message as per the requirement.
  5. Automatic SMS notifications are sent to parents/students through other mediums like: Email, In-app message and Push notification.
  6. Schools can view graphical representation of SMS history to manage the future transactions.
  7. Detailed reports can be extracted in PDF and Excel format to analyse the activities.


The Online Notice System in SMS help schools feature upcoming events, exam schedules, holiday list, exhibition pictures, fee collection date, academic report cards, result out, transportation details, date sheet and many more important notices which needs to spread among all in short time.

  1. Schools can send/publish notice to the entire branch, class, section, group or any individual student.
  2. Schools can send notices in email attachment or directly publish it on the website with a fixed end date.
  3. Schools can set default templates of the notices to save time.
  4. Schools can send automatic notice updates through other mediums like SMS, emails, push notifications and in-app messages.
  5. Schools can view the graphical representation of Notices sent per month and module in the software itself.
  6. Detailed and customized reports can be extracted in PDF and Excel format to analyse the activities.
  7. Such digitalization communication methods also help schools reduce the cost of printing and paperwork every year.

Why Us ?

DigitalFruit is a flexible, robust, user-interactive, easy-to-access and diversified School ERP software, which can be used through every generation device. It is a smart system with every feature and function to effortlessly meet the daily needs of school. With its in-built school messaging system, schools can ensure smooth and real-time communication with parents through different mediums like- SMS, Emails, In-app Messages and Push Notifications.

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