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About Analytics

Users can track, analyse & strategise their key performance indicators in no time. Quick analysis can be done by dashboards and detailed analysis within individual modules. Moreover you can compare or aggregate similar items. Similarly Data between different sessions or durations can also be compared.


Student Academic Report

Student Academic Report generates reports within a few seconds upon an understanding in-depth analysis of every student’s capabilities enabling Teachers, Parents, and the Students to visualize their 360-degree performance.


Diverse Student Information

Student Performance Analytics for School enable them deeply analyze their student information and generate student data on subject areas, reports, metrics, and dashboards based on tests, results, student attendance, and class schedule information.


Eye Catching Reports

The colours added to the reports remain more memorable in making remarkable changes while promoting to the next class or grade. Our Report Card Software gives full access to easily view and manage grades, generate attractive report cards, visual skills, and standards of each student and overall appearance. Why not check it our ERP Software now? In reply, your school will thank you!


Easy to Understand

The graphs and the charts generated by School Analytics Reports tool can be easily understandable to parents as well as students.

Why us ?

DigitalFruit is a flexible, robust, user-interactive, easy-to-access and diversified School ERP software, which can be used through every generation device. It is a smart system with every feature and function to effortlessly meet the daily needs of school.

Additional Features


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Module wise graphical view (Refer main doc analytics tool)

Online fee payment

1. Digital payment popularity
2. Hassle free
3. No cash
4. No counter
5. No manual transaction
6. All payment mode available

Multi Branch management

1. Refer franchisee doc
2. Multi branch analytics


1. 24x7 on call support
2. Chat support
3. Remote assistance through team viewer
4. On Campus support if required
5. Parent’s counselling
6. Digital Index monitoring

Proactive Implementation Plan

1. System Configuration
2. Data entry
3. Mock Training
4. Migration
5. Monitoring
6. Customization if required
7. Report generation
8. Final Handover

Website Integration

1. Notice
2. Birthday
3. Calendar
4. Enquiry management
5. Online admission process

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